Is it effective to edit photos through automated software than using creative artists for manual processing of images? Agree or Disagree (Know from our expert: Mr. Darshan Shastri)(Mr. Darshan Shastri has experience of over 15 years serving technology and image processing domain.) Contact Author

Photo Editing Technique - Comparison:

In this era technology has seen tremendous growth and advancement in varied areas of information & technology like website development, mobile application development and especially in image editing sector.

The question arrives/arises, whether it is worth using automated photo editing software against manual processing of images to rely on for obtaining quality and effective outputs or not? In this topic, we’ll discuss about usage of automated software for image editing against manual processing of images.

Artist Versus Automated Software for picture editing

In front of technological development and advancement where we human and our efforts stand? How software can put impact on man's created processes and techniques? In other words, Do we have a technological replacement for an artist's creative work? In order to understand in a better way and get precise answer to all these questions, let's try to compare both technological and man made processes to edit pictures.

Automated Processing Of Images

  • There has been a high increment in the usage of automated photo editing software and application these days.
  • Automated Software does help a company to minimize time, cost and efforts to obtain quick results for simple fixed guidelines, quantitative and objective jobs.
  • It is helpful to automate the simple processes like resizing & renaming of pictures, changing image format (like from .jpeg to .png, .jpeg/jpg to .psd etc.), making the images square, changing the dimension of images on the fly.
  • It also helps with more complex jobs like cropping images by setting a fixed ratio, color correcting photos with fixed values/instructions, changing backdrops provided products have no blurriness and drop shadow at edges.
  • It definitely adds significant value to a company’s process cycle and business growth since a company will have to invest less time, energy and cost on a resource that would create/code automated actions, operate and handle tasks pertaining to automated software in comparison to a highly skilled artist’s manual processing work.

Now having seen the process for Automated processing, let's try to understand and compare it with manual processing of editing photos as a next step

Manual Processing Of Pictures

  • While manual processing technique does occupy its own valid place and space in the areas of photo editing since creative or artistic work through usage of software tools is not constrained to a fixed value editing like automated software editing technique rather it shares a broad aspect/perspective of an editing domain. Creativity through manual processing is difficult to be replaced by an automated processing in such scenario.
  • Images drop into wide range in terms of appearance, resolution and complexity so each of them will require to be treated uniquely and per image basis. One will have to adapt uniquely, minutely or in a detailed way to address each image’s specific or customized request with respect to its complexity so in this case automated software is unlikely to fit as an alternate option over manual processing for producing consistency and perfection in results.
  • Thus, manual processing does appear as a viable option over automated processing for handling complex jobs like enhancing, manipulating, changing image’s background, restoring, color correcting and retouching an image.
  • It is through manual processing, one can achieve customized, artistic, subjective, qualitative, highly skillful and creative jobs with ease and perfection.
  • A highly skilled and efficient artist is definitely helpful to a company, to reduce its cost, time and energy and most importantly assist in producing quality output consistently and with precision which is of a great essence for a company’s business and growth.

Conclusion: Let's Conclude

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Conclusion derived as per Author's view

To sum up, it can be derived that to a certain extent for less complex fixed guidelines quantitative and objective jobs, automated software process for editing images could be helpful through an allocation of resource/resources however in a whole manual processing work as conceived and perceived by the mind of an artist cannot have a better alternative or replacement to produce optimum level of consistent and creative work in quicktime without any flaws.

At the end of the day, Quality and cost effective outputs with fast turnaround time are of utmost essence for an ecommerce or any entity to grow in the market and hence manual processing in my experience is the best suitable option to go with for creative, subjective, artistic, qualitative, complex and customized photo editing jobs.

Note from Author: I am comparing machine/software driven/controlled work against manual processing so using the word "automated" instead of just auto/automatic is essential to showcase automated process when images undergo software processing.

Author: Mr. Darshan Bhavanishanker Shastri.