Want to modify color of an item?

    Colors pour life in an item. People come with wide range of choices when it comes to selecting a product and in determining that, color of an item plays an important role. As they say, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”People purchase item and its color suiting their style and taste. If you’re selling a product in multiple colors then chances are more of selling that product in comparison when the same product is sold in single color.

    For a product manufacturer and an ecommerce industry, there is high level of cost, resource efforts and time involved in manufacturing products in multiple colors and shooting each colored product upfront in order to have them displayed on platforms like website, blog, catalog etc. There is also a chance that some products do not hit the eyes of the target audience due to their unmatched color combination and they remain unsold whether be they purses, bags, mobile cases, mobile handsets, belts, watches, cabinets, umbrellas, clothes or apparels resulting in an immense loss confrontation.

    As a smart move, to save resource efforts, time, manufacturing & photography (shooting of products for online display) cost, product manufacturing and ecommerce industries these days have opted help of photo editing companies like The Photo Editing Services to create each item/commodity into multi colors beforehand to go publicly live before they are manufactured or photographed. Purchased colored item by the user/buyer can then be quickly manufactured, if not in stock and delivered to the buyer in 2-3 days time, this way cost, resource efforts & time on manufacturing and photography can be saved effectively.

    As a photo editing unit, we advise you to save time, resource efforts and cost by shooting your garment or any product just in one color. Send us the color codes (in html, hex, rgb, CMYK or pantone value) you want your product outputs to be created in then through digital photo editing technique, we’ll quickly replace the color of a product to the color code values you’ve provided us with to obtain the same product in multiple colors as per your choice. In the above image example of watch, we have created multi colored watch from one plain watch.

    Win the chance of selling more. Save hard earned money, precious time and valuable resource's efforts today. Contact us now, without any hesitation for availing fast, quality and cost effective product color replacement services. For a free sample work and precise quotation, email us the product image with the color code at info@the-photo-editing-services.com