1. What type of image file formats I can upload?

We accept all type of image file formats like jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, bmp, psd, gif etc. You can also upload RAW formats/camera output formats like RAW, CR2, dng etc.

2. What will be the output file format and size after images are processed?

We can provide output files in any format that you wish. You’ve to mention size and format you want output files to be returned in else if not mentioned explicitly by you then we will return files in jpeg format, keeping original file size & resolution intact as we received them initially.

3. How can I send files and will my images be safe?

We can exchange files via wetranfer.com (upto 2 gb free per transfer) or Dropbox (2 gb of free space) or Google drive (15 gb of free space) or one drive (25 gb of free space). Alternately, a dedicated ftp account (unlimited space) can also be created upon your request wherein you can upload files directly to our server. To know more about using ftp, please visit: File Transfer Solution - Blog or please kindly download our FTP tutorial.
We respect the importance and confidentiality of work you allocate us. Your files are safe with us and will not shared publicly without taking your consent.

4. What is the mode of payment and when do I pay?

Upon receipt of the image editing order an invoice will be released in the name of your company, which you’ll need to address in order to have the work initiated. Payment will be accepted via PayPal. Minimal PayPal transaction charges will be additional.

5. When can I expect to get my images back?

In general, we maintain turnaround time of 24 hours to make the delivery happen however time may vary depending on the order size over 1000 images which we can precisely suggest in advance upon receipt of the work order and before commencing the work. Rest we will process the job in the committed timeline/deadline that we agreed upon before commencing the job and deliver it to you via same file transfer method that you preferred to send us the work order.

6. How does rework process work?

After work submission, we will take your feedback on the submitted work and do any corrections or rework if required. Rework or any iterations will not cost you anything extra unless if it is an additional or add on or change request.

7. What is Business Account?

Business Account is like your wallet in which you store your money with us. It is the credit that you take along with you to have all your image editing orders processed through us. It’s a best way to save extra PayPal charges on small payments and extra efforts spent on paying each time you send us a new small/big order.

8. How Business Account Works?

You can open up a business account with the amount of your choice based on your future work order flow. The amount stored with us can be utilized on all your image editing needs. Once you run out of your stored money with us, you can always replenish your business account at any point in time as per your requirement. A detailed report will be maintained for the amount used up against the work undertaken. Unused amount will be credited back into your business account for utilizing it on the next assignments. As a Business Account Holder your work will be given top priority over other running projects in order to cater fast turnaround time and that is a great benefit of having business account with us.

If you haven't got what you're looking for then email your query at info@the-photo-editing-services.com