1. Are you an online ecommerce store or a shop owner with web presence?
  2. Are you looking to update your online portfolio & catalogue?
  3. Does your online inventory needs a total refreshed and refined look?
  4. Are you looking to get on the top of your online competition through display of presentable, lavish and catchy product images?
  5. Are you looking for a best service provider for your photo editing needs?
If your answer is big “YES” to all or any of the above questions then you’re at the right place and have knocked at the right doors. Your hunt for Best Photo Editing Service Provider ends here.

The Question is: How you’ll go about selecting right, suitable and best service provider for your photo editing needs? We will help you here address your concerns, queries and questions through a 3 steps evaluation theory.

Things to keep in mind while short listing your desirable service provider (3 Steps Evaluation Theory):

At the outset, you should take sufficient/ample time, depending on your project delivery timeline needs, in selecting and evaluating the right service provider amidst tens or hundreds or thousands of service providers for your project requirements.

First step: is to asses’ communication skills of the service provider by cognizing whether the person is capable of understanding the requirement clearly and communicates well with you in quick time or not. Check at what interim your inquiries or queries are replied and how they are addressed? Does supplier inquire about the project deeply, specifically, curiously and comprehensively till the point it is crystal clear or not? Talk with the supplier over phone, if possible. If the service provider is not good communicator then sooner or later you’ll end up producing futile results and project will end up in a big loss of time, efforts and money. Finalize payment terms, at this stage only.

After first step assessment, you can filter out those vendors who do not make the short list with a positive outcome and impression.

Second step: is to check profile, knowledge, ability, strength, expertise and experience of the vendor.

Does a person assigned to deal with your project contribute ideas and posses’ job related technical knowledge, experience and expertise or not? Does he or she provide relevant references and past work experiences upon request or not? Does vendor have strong work portfolio and profile or not? Does the service provider have project requisite skills, arrangements, infrastructure, equipment, machines, tools, team strength and capabilities or not?

After second step you can weed out the unwanted service providers who do not turn out to be fitting and suitable for the second step measures.

Third and Final Step: is to judge vendor based on 3 factors and they are Work Quality, Turnaround Time and Cost. These 3 factors should be examined in combination since they are correlated with each other.

Quality work, good turnaround time and cost are the key factors in deciding the right service provider.

Though supplier shares past experiences and references, it is not enough to judge on his or her in-depth potentiality and capabilities. Examine the service provider through a test run process. Get a free sample work done or a test batch processed through the vendor giving him or her simple to complex images of all types and categories.  Ask for before and after samples to closely scrutinize each minute work detail between original and final processed work. If your ask or demand is of ecommerce product image retouching services or ecommerce product photo cutout service or ecommerce product picture clipping service then specify it clearly to the supplier and ask for the specific before and after samples only based on your specific service need. This way you would know as what you would get as an end product at the end of the day and whether the supplier is incapable or capable pertaining to your specific need.

With a test batch, you can also ascertain on the time the assigned test job is finished and delivered back to you. For checking on consistency in producing quality results and good turnaround time, you can also try testing service provider with couple of small test batches assigned at 2 different time intervals.

After the test run process, narrow down your search list of best image editing service providers further by short listing them, based on ‘top class quality’ sample work and decent or fast delivery/turnaround time.

Now nail down and finalize your hunt based on the cost factor coupled with turnaround time. Go for the vendor having best price suiting your set budget limits with decent or fast turnaround time.

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