Image Editing Service brings you Ghost Mannequin Work: With the advancement of technology and skills, smart techniques have evolved in each field of work. With the usage of smart, skillful, improvised and innovative techniques one can avail great cost benefits since production will increase, quality will improve and precious time will be saved. Above all the output thus produced is going to be customer centric and friendly. It will be all together a new experience to the customer and help industries in increasing their revenue. In the field of photo editing, a customer centric approach is taken for editing products especially apparels to give PATRONS a better viewing experience using smart technique that we call as Ghost Mannequin. Ghost Mannequin is not a new term but let’s explore more on ghost mannequin in this blog and it will be certainly helpful for those who haven’t confronted this term yet ever before.

  • What products and items are used for Ghost Mannequin effect?
    • Ghost Mannequin technique is generally used on Cloths, garments, apparel, hoodie, jeans, coats, shirts, blazers etc.
  • What is Ghost Mannequin?
    • Ghost Mannequin is also termed as Invisible Mannequin. Through this method the product is made 3D like giving hollow man effect. The product will look like as it has been filled with air with no person or mannequin in it and the output will look like as if someone is wearing it.
  • What is the use of Ghost Mannequin?
    • To help customers better imagine and experience themselves wearing the garments.
  • What things are required for Ghost Mannequin?
    • A photographer will need to take 2 shots. First would be a front view (normal shot) and other would be a view of the inner piece of the garment that of a neck region that a mannequin is covering in the front view. Front view shot is going to be simple, while for the back shot, photographer will need to turn a mannequin around and will need to put a dress in an inside out position on it to shoot a product with a back of a mannequin facing the camera. This is done to have a clear view of the neck region which is invisible in the front view.
  • How our team edits and creates output for ghost mannequin, find out.
    • The team at the photo editing services first clip the items through photo clipping work then stitch and merge together the two separately taken shots/pieces using pen, clone and stamp tool. Thereafter to make the stitching look real, natural and 3D like, team puts a mild shadow around the border/edges precisely underneath the upper part and dropping over inner piece of the garment thereby merging the two separate layers into one with the help of blurry tool by setting the opacity as required. Sometime liquification tool is also used to remove wrinkled part of a garment. If this looks bit technical then leave the technicalities on us to handle and we’ll ensure to handle it with precision.
If you want to save cost on Ghost Mannequin post production work then there are readymade ghost mannequins available with removable limbs, body parts, you can simply dress up ghost mannequin with your garments for shooting them, but if you think that’s going to be expensive and ghost mannequin that you’ve doesn’t suit with different style and pattern of clothing you’ve then you can contact us for post production work shooting them normally as it is mentioned in this blog and we guarantee to provide your quality ghost mannequin work at best competitive rates and jobs will be turnaround in quick time. Put an inquiry with us at and get a free sample work today to taste, experience and examine our work quality, professionalism, proficiency and high level skills.