Image Cutout Services - Offer: The Photo Editing Services from Ahmedabad, India brings you an exciting offer in image cutout services that would save you a lot of money on jobs listed below:

  • Photo Cutout
  • Image Clipping
  • Deep Etching/Etching
  • Silhouette
  • BACKGROUND REMOVAL / Transparent Background
  • White Background
  • Transparent Background
  • Any Color or Plain Background.
  • Clipping Path
  • Specific Background Replacement as per customer's choice, for example: scenery, room ambiance etc. (Specific Background to be provided by customer)

This image cutout services offer not only reduces your cost over aforesaid services but it also provides value added services. (totally free of cost)

About the Offer
  • Through this offer customers can get all/any of their photos/products processed/edited for the image cutout services listed above just in a fixed flat price per picture (per item in a canvas) regardless of image complexity.
  • Customer already availing offer will be eligible to get a further discounted price on a bulk order depending on the order size.
Other value added services offered free of cost under this photo cutout offer are:(Optional)
  • Color Correction/Brightness/Contrast/Level/Saturation etc. adjustments
  • Shadow
  • Reflection
  • Renaming
  • Resizing
  • Straightening/ Rotating products.
  • Centering
  • Cropping
  • File Output in any number of formats.
  • Product Color Change (like cloth, dress and other products). 1 Color Change Output Per Product
  • Glass Retouching of eye wear products only, like sunglasses and eyeglasses. (Photo Enhancement like Redrawing work is excluded)
  • Files will be produced up-to 4 versions of sizes and formats like jpeg, png, psd etc. depending on the actual requirement.
Offer time validity
  • Image cutout service offer will remain valid till limited period and will end soon.
Terms, conditions and limitations of using this offer include
  • Photo cutout service offer includes editing of all products in a fixed flat price per photo regardless of complexity.
  • Model or Person or Group Photo or Complex Jewelry Items is exempted or excluded from the picture cutout offer.
  • Fixed Flat Price will be offered after seeing each type of picture in a batch.
  • Picture cut out offer can be availed regardless of order size.
  • Work will be handled with top priority and Quality will not be compromised at any cost since work will be carried out using industry standard methods and techniques by our professional and experienced artists.
  • Good Turnaround time will be maintained and precise delivery timeline will be decided based on the order size. In general, we maintain turnaround time of 1-2 days.
  • Heavy files over 100 MB will be exempted from the offer.
  • Editing of Multiple items or products or commodities in a single canvas will not be included in the offer. i.e. Processing of Single item or product in a canvas to be considered under photo cut-out offer.
  • Under photo cut out offer, Free value added services can be used up per assigned valid order only that is to be processed/executed for cut out work.
Process and other details for using the cutout offer
  • You can use cutout offer simply by writing us an email with a subject line: “Special Image Cutout Services - Offer”
  • As a second step, a free sample work will be provided to customer along with turnaround time of the order.
  • As a third step, upon acceptance of sample quality and delivery time estimates, customer can assign entire image order.
For picture cutout work, if you've any e-commerce product of the world other than explicitly mentioned above then you're are eligible for this "Image Cutout Services - Offer" hence send us few example pictures and we will get you free sample work and fixed flat price per picture in Photo Cutout work and commence working with you.