Outsource to the Photo Editing Services Company India- The Photo Editing Services Company India provides wide range of robust services to ecommerce and other industries. Customer can get benefit on cost by outsourcing any type of photo editing work to us.The list of core or main image editing services are highlighted below that we offer to our customers globally.
  1. Photo Cutout
  2. Eyewear Photo Editing
  3. Photo Enhancement
  4. Jewelry Photo Editing
  5. Photo Retouching
  6. Photo Masking
  7. Clipping Path Services
  8. Footwear Image Editing Services
  9. Photo Restoration
We process all types of products or images and do all kind of picture editing stuff whether it is a task of removing a person from a picture or putting a product onto a white background or cleaning the picture for better viewing etc. Along with above spotlighted services, we also offer other advance services like vector work, design work, logo design work, vector logo designing, line art work, raster image to vector conversion, cartoon effect, pop art and all types of artistic and graphical work. We have artists possessing a super grip over using all modern and advanced software versions like Photoshop, Lightroom, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Gimp, Irfanview etc. We are furnished with latest tools and technologies to produce desired result and apply quicker methods using actions and written scripts to make processing of pictures faster and cost effective. We make use of codes written in excel spreadsheets to create work payment reports for our clients and thereby make work process flow transparent with them. To deal with assigned image projects and based on project requirements, we also make customized software, for our ongoing customers, with the help of excel spreadsheet and give them to use this facility free of cost upon their demand. Our Work Process Flow is defined in 5 easy steps:
  1. You send us sample with clear work instructions via any file transfer medium.
  2. We give you free sample and estimates.
  3. You approve quality of work and estimates.
  4. We process order keeping it error free.
  5. We submit processed image order to you upon receipt of payment.
Note: We accept images in any format whether be it a .png or .jpeg or or .tiff or .psd or RAW format. Generally, we avert going into rework and that is our utmost interest since we believe rework as the loss of time, money and efforts on either side so right from the beginning, we ensure work delivered is of top quality though in case if there are any errors and iterations required then we handle them free of cost for our customers. Customers can hire us or outsource their work for any of the above or all of the above mentioned picture editing services. There is a provision of test run on all core image editing services that we provide, to evaluate and experience our picture editing work quality so forward us example images with precise job details and we will get you estimates for the job along with a sample work. For any queries or more information, visit our FAQ or About Us section. Outsource to photo editing professionals from India today and experience the top class of best in the business.