Photo Masking Services - an India based top rank company. It has been years since we have been successfully providing quality photo masking services to many offshore customers. Photo Masking is our core expertise and we have a team of specialists who can handle photo masking work flawlessly.

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Picture Masking is similar to Photo Cutout work where we eliminate the background but with an only difference of “minute detailing work requirement around the edges of the product or person”. For example, photo masking comes into picture for the items where cutting out of a product from the background is next to impossible by drawing handmade paths around it with the pen tool.

Illustration of image masking work can be found in the photos where hairy or thin fiber like details or network like structures exist. Photos of people with curly and strayed hair, broom with thin hairy projections, trees with branches and leaves spread all over canvas, woolen cloths with tiny thread popping out of the edges, smooth or rigid hairs of brush, any complex network like, Spiky or curly structure especially at the edges.

In simple words, masking can be understood as overlapping of two or more layers but it should not be confused with face morphing. (Face Morphing, is altogether a different technique or concept to merge two or more layers by combining or overlapping the layers to transit into a new form of picture.)

There are various methods to mask the images and we know all of them but among them, we use most effective process of editing the images.

The two well known and most effective methods are:
  1. Image Clipping mask
  2. Image Layer mask / Channel mask

In layer mask selected layer is separated from the background. Layer mask can be overlapped to any background as a floating layer and can be changed in terms of coloration by selection.

In channel mask, the mask is created or selected through channels /alpha channels and then the masked layer is selected and superimposed onto a plain background after separating it from the main background.

A clipping mask is a group of layers to which a mask is applied. The bottom-most layer, or base layer, defines the visible boundaries of the entire group. It is selected and worked upon to extract out of the background.

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