Photography is an artistic plus a creative work. It is not just a single type of photography which adds richness and flavor to the art of photography. It is the combination of different genres & creative skills of photography that combinedly converts a normal shot into a photogenic piece. There are different types of lenses used for different types of photography. A perfect shot is a combination of right lens, right framing, right angles, and right light effects which lead into a good quality output. After a good photograph is captured, the work of editing like photo retouching, image cut out, color correction etc. starts and it is the time when an image is enhanced to the best possible extent by a professional photo editor. After a photograph is edited, it goes over live social media platforms, website and other online mediums.

A great confusion occurs between the genres of ‘Product Photography’ and ‘Glamour Photography’. Product photography usually involves pictures connected to reality things & material, mannequin, eCommerce products like clothes, shoes, eye wear etc. while glamour photographs will have pictures of live models, fashion models, fashion product models etc.

Some other types of Photography are:

  • Fashion Photography – It could be a photography pertaining to fashion products or live models. This is very lucrative because of the amount paid to fashion photographers. There is a lot of competition in this field. If one can do well in this field, it would mean an entry into the glamour world.
  • Still Life Photography–It is a very appealing field of photography. It involves finding beauty in motionless objects, be it natural or man-made.
    • E-commerce Product Photography – This field is related with shooting product photos. It can be said as a sub part of still life photography. This market of product photography is booming these days due to large number of people turning to online medium for making product purchases. Any eCommerce company will need a professional photographer in order to display images attractively over website. A strong online presence is thus imperative and professionally edited photos are equally important to catch audience and increase sale.
  • Wedding Photography – Not simply weddings, but photographers of this arena capture moments from all special occasions in one’s life.
  • Portrait Photography – It mainly involves capturing people in different attires in the best angle possible. It is used while broadcasting powerful messages to the world as well.
  • Nature & Landscape Photography – It is also called outdoor photography. It involves capturing natural scenery or some particular natural object in one’s own perspective.
  • Advertising Photography – This is also a lucrative field for professional photographers. One can use creativity to produce masterpieces. Sky is the limit for creativity.
  • Wildlife photography – This is a very challenging field, and so is Sports Photography. This is because it involves a lot of patience and capturing photos in motion.
  • Candid Photography – This genre is quite in trend nowadays. It is all about capturing photos while in motion without giving the appearance as if someone is posing for the photo.

Some of the world’s greatest captures in photography were produced after a lot of patience as well as experience. Photography is indeed an art but along with photography image editing also plays an equally important role in bringing beauty out of a picture. In practical scenario, it is not possible to take pictures with 100% perfection and any photographer will need an assistant photographer to edit images for him/her. This is where a professional photo editing company like “The Photo Editing Services” jumps into picture to pour colors, shades and life into a picture and such company is also termed as “Assistant Photographer”. Moreover, a lot of things, including innovation in editing to make a photo perfectly perfect depend on a quality work & skills of a professional photo editing team. Professional excellence coupled with creativity is a must to produce a master piece of art work.