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Photo Cutout or Photo Clipping Services

Style 1: Cutout or Clipping Path work is done to clip out images from the background. Background can be transparent, black, white or of any color. Output image could be in any format. Clipping is done using pen tool and paths can be saved for later use. Paths cannot be saved in .png format rather product will have a transparent background and can be used or superimposed on any surface.

Style 2: The Image Cutout Service or Image Clipping Path Service or Photo Clipping Service or Deep Etching or Etching is an art work through which curves and paths are drawn and outlined around the Product edges with the use of pen tool and the software like Photoshop, gimp, CorelDraw, illustrator etc. to extract it out of the background with perfection i.e. to put it onto transparent or white background. After clipping of the product, it can be set onto any color background of one's choice. It is important to use pen tool to produce optimum level of quality else tools like lasso and magic wand in Photoshop and other editing tools are much faster but they can ruin the originality and look of the images at the edges. While drawing a path, artist takes nodes at a juncture where curve breaks. Combination of 2 inter nodes forms a curve and collection of curves together, forms a complete path. As per the thumb rule of image processing for an image with simple to medium complexity, it is said that "The less the nodes the better the output image quality" but for an extreme complex image with zig zag edges, it is advisable to take more nodes.

Style 3: Image Cutout, is termed as extracting image (product/person/object) completely out of the background. In other terminologies, it is also known as: Photo Clipping/ Deep Etching/ Etching/ Silhouette/ BACKGROUND REMOVAL etc. The clipped out layer thus produced through photo cutout process can be used up as a floating layer and set on any background of one’s choice. Examples of products for clipping work are: flower pot, specs, spectacles, goggles, eyewear, eyeglasses, sunglasses, optical, purse, watch, bag, hat, cap, shoe, shoes, footwear, cloth, apparel and all ecommerce products.

Photo Enhancement

Style 1: In this type of work images are enhanced for better display and viewing. In order to enhance any image, it requires undergoing manipulations like adding/removing person/object etc, improving or changing colors, saturation, contrast etc., replacing diamonds, backgrounds etc.

Style 2: Images clicked from camera at times are not pixel perfect or the single crucial or once in a lifetime moment that is supposed to be captured is ruined by some unusual reflection or lens glare or some unwanted guest or object in the picture then through image enhancement technique, we can improve the appearance and quality of the image, eradicate unwanted glare or reflection and remove object or person, completely out of the picture and redraw the portion that object covered. There are many other things that can be handled through photo enhancement technique like adding person to the picture, changing sky color, changing color of cloths and apparel, changing shoe color, modifying color of furniture, replacing wall color, modifying eye/lens color, diamond enhancement and replacement etc.

Style 3: Image Enhancement is a technique to add up additional flavor or remove unwanted things in a photo to make it look presentable and catchy to the audience. Removing or Adding natural shadow or reflection underneath the object or person or product is the best example of picture enhancement work.

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Photo Retouching

Style 1: It is a process to clean the photos by removing dust, spot, marks, scratches etc. from the image and make it presentable. Skin smoothening, Product Defect removing or correction, Stray hairs removing etc. are some activities included in retouching services.

Style 2: Picture Retouching process like sky retouching or Product Retouching process like jewelry Product editing or Model Retouching process like skin softening are some categories of photo retouching services. The art of using clone, stamp, brush, different noise & density adjustment, liquification and air brush tool is not as easy as chewing a bubble gum. It takes years of experience and expertise for a Photoshop retouching artist to get accustomed working with these tools to retouch a photo or an image with precision and without losing the quality and originality of the actual picture. The retouched photo by an immensely expert artist will look as real as the original unedited photo i.e. it will not look unreal or portray an edited version. It will simply look real. Image Retouching Work is an art through which profoundly experienced artist can enhance the image to its best optimum and presentable quality. Red Eye Removal, Skin Retouching & cleaning, shank, prongs, metal and diamond retouching of a jewelry product, dust, spot, scars, moles, scratches, freckles removal, jewelry Product Cleaning, object removal, adding shining effect are some of the actions to describe a few amidst vast horizon of Retouching Services. Avail great value for your money by hiring qualified & professional retouching artists from us.

Style 3: An image Retouching Services or Photo retouching service is also termed as Photo Touch Up or Photo Fixing work. The name itself indicates the meaning that when a photo is retouched means it is altered and corrected so as to produce a more desirable appearance. Fixing stray hairs is the best example of Image retouching or Photo Fixing work. Take Advantage of Quality Photo Fixing Work through us. Here is our Email ID:

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