We posted a topic, ‘Understanding Services We Offer’ in previous blog as section 1, now the same topic Continues here as Section 2.

Photo Masking

Style 1: Masking technique is used to remove a product from the background. It is generally done through cutout work however when the product is network like or hairy like complex structure then cutting out a product by drawing path around it via pen tool becomes useless or ineffective and this is where masking method comes into picture.

Style 2: Masking means to conceal the existence of something by obstructing the view of it. Picture masking is to replace the old layer to be concealed with the new layer to be overlapped. In order to achieve that, old layer is masked out of the background and a new layer is multiplied/superimposed at the same spot/area where the old layer was. An example of masking work: As scenery is used to block the audience's view of parts of the stage that should not be seen, in the same way in picture editing background can be replaced/masked with new background to hide old items in the background to avert its viewing from the viewers.

Style 3: We have come across ecommerce product industries like shoe, cloth etc. where they give facility of designer studio through which users can change color or pattern or texture of a cloth or shoe thereby allowing users to play between the choices to select the best one out of their choices. Real Estate industry is also using this method of letting the users to use designer studio or tool for changing the color or pattern of wall, counter, ceiling, floor, roof, pavement, garage door, double door, window, doors etc. so the users can design and come up with the house of their choice and color in the end. How they are doing this? This is done through masking technique. The layer say of a t-shirt which is to be replaced with some color or texture is clipped out and then it is superimposed or masked or merged or multiplied with the new one so you can easily change color of a t-shirt from red to blue, from blue to green and from green to yellow. Yes that's true; Image Masking Services clip out old and pour new layers into our lives. :-)

Jewellery Retouching

Style 1: Any type of jewelry items like ring, earrings, bangle, necklace, chains, bracelet, nose pin, pendant etc. are retouched and enhanced in terms of appearance and look. Work like Shank, prongs and metal corrections, diamond replacement and enhancement, diamond retouching etc. are carried out through jewelry retouching work.

Style 2: Jewelry Retouching work is a part of photo retouching process where different Jewelry items in a photo like nose pin, earrings, necklace, chains, rings, bracelets, bangles, pendants, lockets and other precious valuables & ornaments are processed, cleaned and retouched. Further, through color correction, metal like rose gold is converted to silver or white gold and vice versa. Diamond colors are also changed through the method of retouching and enhancement.

Style 3: Jewellery Enhancement means if some diamonds are to be replaced or if some products defects are to be resolved, or some chains are to be replaced, or color of the metal is to be changed etc." Jewellery Retouching means to clean the shank, diamonds, prongs, remove dust, spot, color correction, sharpness etc.

Photo Restoration

Style 1: It is a process in which torn out or wet or damaged photos are repaired or reinstated to its natural visible state. The job may require redrawing of the missing portion and clearing the focus of blurry areas.

Style 2: Pictures can talk. We bind lots of memories, sentiments and emotions with pictures. They take us to the moment that we lived in the past. But with the passing time, pictures get ruptured or damaged or go blurry or accidently they become wet and patchy and when it happens it's like heartbreaking moment for us. But thanks to Image Restoration technique, through this technique we can reinstate, restore, repair, recover and enhance damaged & blurry picture to its original details and state without losing the texture, quality, resolution and originality of the original image rather the newly picture processed/edited looks real and far better in terms of resolution or appearance than the original unedited picture.

Style 3: Restoration is termed as an act of reinstating something to its former good condition. Photo Restoration means to restore torn out, faded, blurry, out of focus, wet, blotted photographs to its original good condition. It is also known as a process of Photo Refurbishment. An example: Old vintage photo restoration of one's childhood.

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