Competition is tremendously increasing these days in the sector of selling ecommerce products or commodities online. Despite spending lots of hard earned money behind marketing and increasing online traffic, still online visitors don’t turn into potential customers. In this blog, we will talk about some useful tips on selling products effectively over online medium to turn online visitors into potential buyers.

  1. Select proper online platform to sell your items.
  2. Online platform plays an important role in selling a commodity. If you own a website then use it to promote your commodities and if you don’t have one then go for the well renowned websites like Amazon, eBay etc. where you can create your own ecommerce stores on the fly to sell your items online.

    You can decide to post your products on all online mediums available in the market. Sometimes it is good to check what your competitors are doing, what platforms they are using and how they are doing but don’t follow them blindly.
  1. Shoot your products well.
  2. Product can’t be sold online without its picture since visitors will not going to buy items they cannot see. Thus, Shooting a product, in High Quality & Resolution is of a great essence.  Pick any light colored plain background to shoot your products. Avoid unnecessary shadows on the product due to other objects and obstacles.

    Never use your phone to take a shaky, blurry, low resolution, bleached out and out of focus photos rather use a high pixel camera to shoot crispy colored, clean and high quality photos. Product’s actual color and details should be clearly visible so it is crucial to shoot products in proper lightening and exposure.
  1. Edit product pictures
  2. A picture represents your product.  Selling a product is one shot activity. People see your product and should buy it or add it to their shopping cart right at that moment or instance only else if they go away then they are gone. There is a lot of competition out there and it seems difficult to have a second chance people will revert to buy the same stuff they left once. Thus, it is vital for a product to portray a very good first impression and an old renowned saying “First Impression is the Last Impression” implies perfectly well in this case.

    In short, product should look presentable, attractive, clean, plushy and eye-catching to the users and in order to achieve that product must be edited professionally through an expert team of photo editors. For example: An ecommerce item or commodity should be edited with tasks like picture cut-out onto plain white background or any color background depending on the item color, image clipping, shadow creation and picture retouching.

  1. Be descriptive, in presenting your product.
  2. Products should talk on your behalf. Don’t put confusing or irrelevant questions in the title; instead avoid using questions or sales pitch or vague details for a commodity in the header. Be Simple, Precise, Specific, Concise, Comprehensive, Clear, Direct & straight forward in displaying your product’s title & description to the buyer.

    Don’t be redundant and never use filler words or futile statements for demonstrating an item’s features. Be absolutely clear in using the terms, conditions, details etc. Never ever use the details you’re not sure about a product else you could end up with some furious buyers and awful feedback. Be crystal clear in putting forth the prices, if there are any hidden or shipping costs included then do mention them distinctly in your product description. Elucidate your product comprehensively since 'Transparency is the key to Success'.
  1. Take Reviews Online from Buyers
  2. It is good to have online reviews system about your product.  You spend lots of money on advertising and marketing a product but you can make your product reach to thousands of people in little time with minimum efforts and investment just by launching a product review system. If your product is indeed good then it will certainly pop out and extend its reach to the global audience in quick time through the review, feedback and comment system.  There is always a scope of improvisation via feedback system.

    You can sell more in less time with little efforts incurred on designing a review/feedback system. Let the buyer be your seller and do the selling part for you by posting good comments and reviews about your product. Note that, a genuine reviewer is a genuine buyer and indirect seller both. Observing a good feedback an online visitor will most probably turn into a potential customer.

    Important Note: If a product is not good or worth paying for its estimated value then as a seller you may have to confront reverse consequences of a review system and people may turn their faces away leaving a filthy and pity feedback.

We hope this blog proves to be fruitful and helpful in making your online ecommerce business a successful one. We wish you all the luck and success, this New Year to turn your potential visitors into successful buyers.  We as a professional photo editing team will be able to assist you with precision on the 3rd point as mentioned above which is “Edit Product Pictures”; Contact Us at any hour of the day and increase the chance of selling more.

We do editing work on all kind of e-commerce items, out of which, we are randomly picking few and showcasing each of them through a separate work portfolio herewith.

Purse Image Editing Work Portfolio

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