Best Photo Retouching Services - The Photo Editing Services from Gujarat, India, is a leading provider of all kind of photo retouching work. It provides elegant and best photo retouching services since years to its patrons all across the planet.

Sometimes photographs taken are not flawless and it needs obvious improvement and it is the time when we come into picture to play our role of improving and enhancing the product picture or image of person or group. We fulfill this requirement of our customer through Photo Touch Up Services. Softwares like Photoshop, gimp, lightroom, irfanview etc. are generally used to accomplish image retouching task.

Photo Touch up or Air Brushing is basically a technique by which the photos are enhanced or manipulated with the help of tools like brush or clone or healing etc. To smoothen or polish a photo is a part of Photo Enhancement process.

It is also used to enhance skin colors, toning and look by manipulating the overall architect and appearance of the photos. By using some filters, it is also possible to make a person skinnier or thinner through skin smoothing for example: An old person can be made young through skin retouch. At times, when the products are photographed, they are erected over a stand or a holder or a hanger and these supports become an obstacle to the product viewing/visibility, hence it is where we apply our image retouching skills to make the product visible by eradicating unwanted objects.

The general list of fixes that it includes is but not limited to:
  • Red eye effect removal
  • Lens glare correction on the image
  • Erasing acne
  • Smoothening eye bags
  • Stray hairs correction
  • Extreme sunlight reflection adjustment
  • Birth marks or any other marks
  • Unwanted Substance or Object Removal
  • Product Defect Removal
  • Skin Smoothening
  • Dust, Spot, Blemishes, Scars, Moles, Freckles removal from the skin
  • Wrinkles Removal from skin
  • Watermark or Text Removal
  • Ghost Mannequin (Retouch mannequin at the neck region)
  • Creases removal from cloths

The retouching work is an art which is not just moving brush or other tools onto an image; it requires a lot of skill for an artist here to take care of each minute and intrinsic level of details by maintaining the originality of the image.  The final output should appear real and our artists understand this very well because overdoing an image under touch up work could turn it into a fake output.

Outsourcing work to us for image editing services is beneficial for you in terms of quality, price and turnaround time. Visit our work portfolio to review samples. Our skills, expertise and Photo Retouching Services can be best tested at market competitive price so should you have any requirement pertaining to retouching work then feel free to contact us.