Professional Photo Cutout Services

The Photo Editing Services Company from Ahmedabad, Gujarat India provides cost effective photo cutout services all over the world. USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, Europe, etc. are the major sources of business.

We as a professional unit of well experienced artists use industry standard methodology to produce exquisite quality of work, maintaining good turnaround time.

Cut out is also recognized using other terminologies with little difference in terms of work output like Clipping/Deep Etching/Etching/Silhouette /BACKGROUND REMOVAL/Background Subtraction etc. We have mastery in all these service verticals.

Photo cut out is a method in the sector of picture processing wherein a picture's frontal area/foreground display of item or product is clipped out off the background for other editing like background replacement, background color change, color correction etc.

Generally images when captured appear onto different backdrops, they don’t look presentable or lavish to the viewer so the need arises to cut them out off the background to focus and spotlight them in a way that arouses interest of the viewer. Products or items thus cut-out can be placed onto white, grey, black or transparent or any other color background depending on the product’s exposure. It is also termed as image cutout services.

Further, product can be cutout along with shadow or reflection or it color corrected for emphasizing and highlighting it in the canvas so to make it more presentable for the website users. After editing, these products or items are then posted over live portals.

The process of cutting out a picture from the background includes the use of a pen tool or lasso tool or magic wand tool, amidst all, pen tool is best to produce result with 100% perfection. Pen tool is a tool by which paths are drawn manually creating nodes around the edges of the product. The two immediate nodes are basically points between a curve or a straight line. The collection of nodes, straight line and curves forms a path.

If the items are blurry or out of focus at the edges then selection is accompanied by taking feather depending on the requirement.

Then the paths thus drawn are selected which can then be created as a separate floating layer or the product with the path selected can be moved on to any background or scene. Paths can be saved for future editing or corrections, if needed. Paths can be saved in all type of file formats like .jpeg, .tiff, .psd etc. except .png format.

We at the photo editing services strictly use pen tool only for image cutout work.

Some items or products to name a few that require and undergo process of cutout are:
  • Shoe
  • Jewelry
  • Watch
  • Glasses (Sun Glasses, Eye Glasses, Eye Wear, Laboratory products)
  • Cloths
  • Apparel
  • Furniture
  • Kitchenware
  • Any Vehicle
  • Person or Group photo
  • All Ecommerce items, etc.
We get all type of products for editing as mentioned above but out of them eyewear is something we process on daily basis since we have many global customers from eyewear industries and editing eyewear photos is our specialty. Find out more on Eyewear Image Editing Services.

Explore our work portfolio in image cut out services. We have a best offer in place for photo cut out work; through this offer you can avail great cost benefits on cut-out orders. Know more about Image Cutout Services – Offer. If you've any questions or queries regarding our Photo Cutout Services and processes then feel free to contact us or refer to our FAQ section.

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