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There are numerous ways people add flavor and fashion to their lifestyle. Wearing Specs is amidst one of that way that enhances one’s overall look and personality. In addition to serving a fashion requirement, spectacles also acts as a protective device to eyes. It cares eyes better than any other ecommerce product in the ecommerce market. These Days, selling eyewear products online is a booming business in the ecommerce market and ecommerce industries selling any product have to make lavish, appealing and presentable images to catch potential buyers over the web.

Photographers play a vital role in capturing each minute detail of glasses by keeping its originality intact and they do a great job but in practical environment due to unevenness in exposure, incorrect backdrops, blurred focus, Noise or some other unknown errors, output results go wrong way at times and lenses loose original color & intensity or there are some unusual reflection and glare on the items and lenses. If there are any odd or complex flaws, in any scenario post production artists at the picture processing services address any type of simple to complex flaws with precision to help regain item to its original coloration. Team further enhances opticals to make it look more attractive and likable to website users/visitors.

We provide complete photo editing solution to eyewear industries at a market competitive cost. Someone either call it as glasses or shades or lenses or contact lenses or eyeglasses or spectacles or specs or optical or lenses or goggles or specs or optical glasses or sunglasses etc. if you’ve any of these items then it can be processed professionally by our expert artists. The reason why we are providing this service of working on glasses products at much affordable cost to the eyewear industries is because processing shades is our core expertise and we have in-depth understanding and command over each level of processing complexities, challenges and requirements. We can handle this work in bulk and with perfection.

Work Process Flow Steps & the Type of Picture processing tasks that are performed while editing sunglasses or eyeglasses or lenses, are mentioned below:

Step 1: Work Allocation & Photo Cutout

At the outset work is allocated to the scheduled team to do the tasks pertaining to product's photograph processing. As a next move, through image cutout process artists draw paths around the product to extract it out of the background i.e. task involves to cut-out glasses and frames (Glasses and frames each being cutout separately using different clipping paths) to set them onto white or transparent background.

Step 2: Photo Retouching & Color Correction Process

Through this step, artists here, removes reflection, dust, spot, marks, defects, lens glare etc. from the glasses & frames. Additionally pictures undergo a color correction process to match up the color of frames and glasses with that in the original files. Sometimes customized demand like changing the color of glasses is also catered with precision.

Step 3: Addressing Minor Tweaks & Shadow/Reflection Creation

After picture is cut out and retouched, it is then fine tuned by adding logos, removing any unwanted scratches or distortion i.e. correcting picture for any minor or overlooked or missed out errors. Thenceforth a shadow or reflection is created underneath the product to give it a natural look. (Drop Shadow or reflection creation is an optional activity and depends upon client’s requirement.)

Step 4: Quality Check & Final Corrections.

A final round to closely check on any errors or flaws those were left out during previous rounds of image processing work. These flaws or errors are then rectified during this round based on the initial scope of requirement.

Step 5: Work Submission & Rework

After confirming successful amendments of all errors and ensuring final quality is ok to go with, work submission artists here inform leaders or managers assigned to a project to upload/submit processed/finished project work to a concerned client for taking feedback and approval. If there are any errors or flaws in the work and if any iterations or revisions needed then they are taken care of at no extra cost since doing rework or corrections within an agreed scope of work becomes a part of the job itself so it cannot be charged additionally.

Important: Output files will be submitted in any sizes and formats as desire. Renaming of files, if needed will be done at no additional cost.

Not only eyewear pics undergo these 5 rounds of work process flow but any pictures require editing go through this process here at the photo editing services. Since we’re masters of processing eyewear products, hence not only the price is competitive but we also turnaround job quickly, smoothly & flawlessly within a day or two.

If you want to taste quality work of our skillful hands then we can process few free samples to demonstrate our work capabilities. Further, to caste a look over our work abilities and quality Download Eyewear Photo Editing Brochure of eyewear product cutout and retouching work, furthermore, to explore more edited items, please kindly visit our work portfolio page.

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